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the Blog about our first live show

Last night played host to the first ever Long and to the Wright live show as we performed at a student poetry night in Greenwich called Word. Our role being to provide a Comedic break half way through the evening. 

All in all we’d call it a resounding success! The room was packed, the audience were lovely, and we think our routine went down pretty well. And we were also very impressed by all the poetry on offer which was a great mixture ranging from personal and poignant to laugh-out-loud funny. Our very own Marc Wright was so inspired that he took to the stage once more to do some of his own witty verse, culminated in a passionate cover of John Cooper Clarke’s “Twat!” complete with a thick Salford twang.

The event was organised and masterfully compered by our good friend Sam Gilbert who also helped us out by taping the show for us. The video is now on Youtube and you can check it out here, see if you can spot the technical issues with Marc’s big ending (that’ll teach us for buying props at the pound-store)

What’s next? Well, hopefully more live shows if we can get them (if anyone has an event they’d like us to perform at please let us know) and our first video episode, which has been written and is currently on-hold while technical specifics are ironed out.

We’ll keep you all posted on our movements (no, not those movements)


Marc and Jon x

THE END (of series one) blog


Series one of Long and to the Wright has come to an end. Episode Six (The Boys host Christmas) is now available at our Soundcloud page ( along with Episodes 3, 4 & 5 for those of you that are playing catch-up or are just feeling nostalgic, and Episodes 1, 2 from our Archive Soundcloud page (

We would once again like to thank everyone that has listened to the podcast, shared links and spread the word. We hope you’ve enjoyed the first series as much as we enjoyed making it.

Work has already begun on future projects: We are currently procuring the necessary props and equipment for the series of videos and sketches that we’ll be filming throughout 2013; we already have a rough outline for the live show and hope to begin our stand-up odyssey in the next couple of months, and we’ve already been sketching out ideas for series two of the L&ttW podcast. 

In the meantime, if you know of any comedy nights, radio stations, or primary school projects that may benefit from our voices/faces then don’t hesitate to get in touch, either via email (, or on our Facebook page.

Peas out

Jon & Marc


All the latest LATTW episodes are available on our main soundcloud page (click here)

Series 1 Episodes 1, 2 and 3 are available on the Long and to the Wright archive page (click here)

the Merry Christmas/Apology blog

It’s Christmas and I’m sure there’s nothing you’d love more right now than a lovely little Long and to the Wright podcast to enrich your yule time joy.

Sadly, this will not be the case.

I know, I know, you’re right, the Long and to the Wright Christmas podcast is the modern day equivalent of the Morcambe and Wise show. We’re very, very sorry. For many of you, this news will most probably ruin your holidays.

The podcast was written and recorded but due to a few hitches with the audio  it will need to be re-recorded. (also, Jon - being 1/16 Mayan - was convinced the world would end and thusly did sod all work for the first 21 days of December) What a bugger! 

So, you can expect it early in the New Year and can use it as a way to re-live these festive times. Also - hot on it’s heels - will be the best-of-series-one episode so you can re-live the most delicious moments from the last six months of LattW (as all the Shoreditch hipsters are calling it).

In the mean time, have a very merry Christmas! We love you all.

Jon and Marc

Mwah x x x 

The blog where we start blogging.

Blog. Blog. Blog. The word blog makes no sense anymore. It has become gibberish, as if it weren’t in the first place. Blog.

Faithful beings, 

We are nearing the end of our very first series of the Long and to the Wright podcast, which we’re sure you’ll agree is both saddening yet glorious. When we first decided to start recording the show, Marc had just moved to London and was adjusting to scowling constantly, and Jon was still at art school doing whatever people at art school do. Art, probably. It took us almost a year to pluck up the courage and actually record something. It’d be nice to say that our lives have changed since then. They haven’t of course. Even so, the reception to the show has been beyond our wildest dreams, and we’d like to thank everyone that has supported us, given us feedback (that we didn’t ask for), listened, or just said nice things even though they definitely haven’t listened. It’s very much appreciated. 

At the time of writing, we’re editing the fifth episode, and plan on immediately starting the final episode of the series which should be with you in time for Christmas. We hope. But now that the first series of our podcast is over, there will be an enormous void in our lives. A void that mainly consists of getting together on a weekly basis, getting drunk and telling bad jokes. We imagine you’ve been lying awake at night wondering ‘What are Jon and Marc going to do once the podcast is over?’ Well, little one, wonder no more.

2013 holds a whole host of L&2TW (very hip) treats in store, the finer details of which we will update you with, but our plans include a second series of the podcast (polite smattering of applause), regular blog updates in which we regale you with amusing anecdotes (one or two chuckles), a series of short videos/sketches (‘ooooOOO’) and, most excitingly, live shows (crowd goes wild. Man takes off shirt). We’re currently working on the latter two, and should be performing before the Easter bunny arrives and tears up all the photos of your childhood friends. The sick bastard.

As well as that we’ll be looking into doing some merchandise (who could resist a ‘It’s a gibbon’ t-shirt?) as well as regular Q&A’s and general wordspreading. Keep your potatoes peeled, and your eyes open. 

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy episode five (where we find out how the boys met) and episode six (where the boys host Christmas dinner) and have a marvellous Christmas/Hanukkah. 

Hugs, kisses and any undiagnosed venereal diseases,

Jon and Marc


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